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Motivation for 'those days' when you need it!

If I’m honest, I did not feel like working out today. I’ve been burning the candle at both ends working on the final touches for my book, preparing for the nutritional education program and classes at SPC both starting soon, running my own business, and trying to find quality time to spend with my husband and puppy. All of these things are fabulous, and I’m overjoyed and blessed, but it can still be overwhelming, emotionally, and physically draining sometimes. I am human! And there are only 24 hours in a day.

Motivated by Zoli, my husband, who hopped on his bicycle to hammer out some miles before the outer bands of the tropical storm reach us; I peeled myself off the couch and hopped on my bicycle as well. Once the sun hit my skin, the breeze flowed through my hair, and the fresh oxygen hit my lungs, I felt energized and alive! I jumped in the pool and swam laps when I returned home; then I took Mylo for a quick walk because he still hasn’t figured out the leash situation yet – LOL! While it doesn’t always work for my schedule to exercise every day, I still try to be as active as possible and change up my routine, so my body is challenged.

Over the years I’ve realized that the only workout I regret is the one I don’t do. Hopefully this will encourage you today or any day you are feeling unmotivated.

As Zoli says, “Slow mile is better than no mile”.

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