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"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"

~ Hippocrates

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The greatest determiner of your HEALTH
is located at the end of your FORK!
Health is 80% Diet & 20% Exercise/Lifestyle.
Therefore, you really can't outrun your fork!
Dr. Anya is excited to guide you through the confusion that surrounds health and nutrition.  In her best-selling book, You Can't Outrun Your Fork,  she answers and provides education on some of your top questions:
  • "What should I be eating?!
  • Healthy foods to eat & what to never consume
  • Healthy weight loss & Sustainable weight management  
  • How what you eat affects every aspect of your health
  • Understanding food labels - GMO, organic vs. nonorganic foods, grass fed, wild caught, healthy, all natural
  • Functional Nutrition - quality vs. quantity
  • Healing and health benefits of herbs
In addition, You Can't Outrun Your Fork provides resources to help guide you to make the healthiest decisions for yourself & your family including:
  • Setting you up for success with a recommended shopping list, pantry and refrigerator stocking suggestions
  • Nutrition label translation 
  • Grocery store navigation 
  • Tips on how to prepare & cook delicious healthy meals 
  • And so much more!!
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